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1. Best maternity insurance cover

Example: I am nominating Company X because their maternity insurance costs Ksh. XXX and covers normal delivery, bed/room charges… They are efficient when you need them. They visit the hospital to see whether patients are receiving what they are paying for. They go beyond their duty to...

2. Best maternity hospital

Example: I am nominating Hospital X because their maternity ward is clean, the staff members are friendly and helpful. They have incubators for premature deliveries, they also have a theatre for CS deliveries. Their charges are reasonable given the services they offer. I was a patient there and…

3. Best Diaper brand

Example: I am nominating diaper brand X because it doesn’t leak, is comfortable for my little one, they have sizes small enough for my preemie……

4. Best Baby Hygiene Product

Celebrates brands such as soaps, wipes, lotions, baby oils etc

Example: I am nominating product X because it does abc, is comfortable for my little one, they have a wide variety……

5. Best Family Friendly Restaurant

Example: I am nominating restaurant X because they have a kid-friendly menu, activities for the kids/ a play area, have changing tables, friendly staff and efficient service, kid- sized toilets…………

6. Best Family Friendly Holiday destination

Example: I am nominating destination X because it has spacious suites with a crib for the young one. The facility is clean. They have a child-friendly menu. They have friendly staff. They have a kiddie pool and a play-ground……….

7. Most Family Friendly company

Example: I am nominating company X because it has a breastfeeding area, day care, good policies, flexible working hours……

Individual Awards

1. Inspirational mum award
2. Little champion award
3. Super sibling award
4. Doting dad award
5. Act of kindness award
6. Midwife hero award
7. Nurse hero award
8. Gynaecologist hero award
9. Paediatrician hero award
10. Courage award
11. Mum’s voice award